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The rights granted by Atomos Care360 are in addition to those granted by consumer protection laws and Atomos’ standard limited hardware warranty period of one year. Your statutory rights are not affected by the Atomos Care360 Plan.

If, in addition to any rights you may have under the Plan, you can also refer to consumer protection rights, you have the choice whether to assert claims under the consumer protection laws or under the Care360 plan.

The Plan

The Atomos Care360 plan (referred to as the “Plan”) relates to hardware services and technical support that Atomos Global Pty Limited or its legal successor (“Atomos”) provides for the products included in the original packaging and branded with the Atomos mark, including the accessories branded with the Atomos mark (“Covered Products”), which are listed in your coverage confirmation (“Plan Confirmation”).

Start & End of Coverage

The coverage begins when you purchase the Plan and ends on the day indicated in your Plan Confirmation (“Coverage Duration”), two years from the date of purchase.

To receive your Plan Confirmation, you must register the product and your Plan registration number (“Plan Contract Number”) at my.atomos.com. If automatic registration is available, you may receive a separate Plan Confirmation. If automatic registration is available and you do not receive a separate Plan Confirmation, your original purchase receipt will serve as your Plan Confirmation.

What is Covered?

The extra cover provided by the Plan is the right to repair or replacement of the covered product (at the discretion of Atomos), for a period of two years, in the event of:

  • Cracks in the monitor screen
  • Water damage
  • Accidental damage that prevents the use of the product in accordance with the user manual

If Atomos replaces the covered product, the original product becomes the property of Atomos, and the replacement product becomes your property and falls under the coverage of the Plan for the remainder of the plan’s duration.

The Plan covers up to two incidents of accidental damage protection every 12 months, for a total of four incidents over the two year period of coverage.

What is Not Covered?

The following incidents are not included in the Plan:

  • A product that is not the covered product
  • The installation, removal, or disposal of the covered product, or the provision of a product for the time the covered product is being repaired or replaced
  • Damage caused by the operation of the covered product in a manner not consistent with the permissible or intended use described in the user manual
  • A product that has had repairs performed on it by someone other than an Atomos representative, or Authorized Atomos Service Center
  • A covered product on which the serial number has been altered, obscured, or removed, or whose functionality or performance has been altered without the written permission of the manufacturer
  • A covered product that has been lost or stolen. This Plan covers only covered products that are damaged in the manners described in this policy
  • Cosmetic damage to the covered product, including scratches, dents, or damaged plastic parts on connectors
  • Preventive maintenance on the covered product


If Atomos decides to repair a covered product, Atomos will provide instructions for the return of the product, including sending a prepaid shipping label (and packing materials, if appropriate) for you to send the covered product in accordance with Atomos’ instructions to an Atomos Service Center location. Once the warranty work is completed, the Atomos Service Center will return the covered product to you. Atomos covers the cost of shipping, provided you have followed all instructions.

Alternatively, and at Atomos’ discretion, Atomos or an Authorized Atomos Service Provider may arrange for the pickup of the covered product from your location and send the covered product back to you directly after the warranty service is completed.

Replacement (in whole or parts)

If Atomos decides to send a replacement product or part, it will send it the address provided with the original order.

Atomos, in its discretion, may require the return of the covered damaged product prior to sending a replacement. If Atomos does not require the return of the product, you may dispose of it as you wish.

Your Obligations

To receive the service or support in accordance with the Plan, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Upon request, you will provide your Plan contract number and a copy of your original purchase receipt for the covered product
  • You provide details about the symptoms and causes of the problems with the covered product
  • You respond to requests for information, particularly about the serial number of the covered product, the model, the version of the operating system, peripheral devices connected to it, displayed error messages, actions taken before the problem occurred on the covered product, and measures taken to resolve the problem
  • You follow the instructions given to you by Atomos in accordance with this policy.


If for any reason Atomos is not able to repair or replace a covered product, you are entitled to a full refund of the amount paid for the product (including shipping).

Limitation of Liability

The maximum liability under this Plan is for Atomos to provide a full refund (including shipping) for the covered product.

Atomos dealers, representatives, or employees are not authorized to modify, extend, or supplement this service agreement.

If individual provisions of this service contract become ineffective or unenforceable, the effectiveness of the remaining contractual provisions remains unaffected.

You acknowledge that any information or data you pass on to Atomos as part of this Plan is not confidential or protected for you.

You must purchase and register the Plan within 30 days of the original purchase date of the covered product.

The Plan is NOT transferable in the event of the resale of the covered product.

This service contract is subject to the law of Australia.